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There have been comments that I have attempted to label me anti-semitic or anti-Jewish.  This has been nothing more than "kill the messenger" and "character assignation" politics as usual which was spread by opponents that have nothing better to say.  It may sound trite in this matter but even in this campaign I rely on Jewish close friends and advisors. 
However, if I have ever made any biased remarks toward anyone or any group I heartfeltly apologize.  Further, I apologize to the Jewish community for having to suffer the boorish bias of anyone.  Even the reminder that there is still bias in America bias is painful; as a Black-American Man I empathize fully with the Jewish-American community. 
I don't judge people by their religion, I honor them for what values their religion brings to their family, their community, and our nation.  In fact, I believe we need more reliance on the moral laws brought by religion and not limit out goodwill to our neighbors and co-workers to what the law demands alone.
We are now in an era where our economic concerns are so pressing that any of this false bias labeling of me, or any other candidate, is a huge distraction of the true issues and disservice to the voters.  Let's stay focused on building our state and our nation.