National Connections: Germany is Crying Jimmy McMillan’s refrain,”The rent is too Bloody high”

Can Germany pass rent charge ? Safe road advocates Are mad at nyc Mayor Bill for drifting helmets and permit requirements for bicyclists. “Soft cities” make an effort are the response to the urban grind.

There is a proposition for Germany-wide lease management : Berlin’s urban growth ministry recently suggested capping monthly speeds in only under eight euros per square meter (82 pennies per square foot), based upon when the construction was constructed. Sahra Wagenknect, pioneer of the Party, really wants to just take the proposal further and execute the scheme nationwide, mentioning increasing rents and also the displacement of metropolitan residents. (Deutsche Welle)

De Blasio reveals his”car man” colours : Mayor Bill p Blasio angry safe roads recommends if he openly reevaluate whether to support helmets and permit requirements for nyc bicyclists. The suggestion is available in the middle of a spike in cyclists deaths, and lots of advocates wonder that the mayor’s devotion to decrease road deaths. (Dana Rubinsteain along with Erin Durkin | Politico)

Why you would want to live at a”soft town”: Even a gentle town Is one which affirms connections between the people and the regions around these breaking down traditional silos. The word comes in thought of this”mill” and also”harshness” on average employed to life. In his new novel”Soft City,” David Sim suggests ways to cure the rigorous business of individual activity from modern cities. (Eillie Anzilloti | Fast Company)

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A Twitter ribbon African design belongs viral: “Igbo Excellence,” a Twitter accounts that emphasized samples of African American structures, turned into a winner, refuting the belief that amazing architectural beauty can be a innovation relegated to Asian and Western civilizations. (James Caunt and Mindaugas BalĨiauskas | BoredPanda)

Where code matches tangible : Shops globally are Deploying brand fresh, networked urban technology, however, there’s friction between your virtual universe and the physical infrastructure. This technology should be tied into the physiological environment where they operate. (Shannon Mattern | Urban Omnibus)

Norway’s $47B coastal street : Norway’s 1,100-kilometer Highway E39 runs over the west shore, linking Kristiansand from the south west to Trondheim from the northwest. Currently, it will take 21 hrs to drive highway thanks to seven ferry crossings that pass cars across Norway’s dramatic fjords. Norway intends to enlarge the street and clear away the ferries assured of reducing travel times. (Brandon Donnelly)

Quotation of the Week

“It was a’would not it be good’ job, but it’s a’appearance That which we’re actually doing’ job. Only now are people starting to meet this promise”

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg at Curbed Speaking about the Capacity of this 244-acre Rail-yards project only out of downtown.

This week on the podcast, Camron Gorguinpour, international Senior director for electric vehicles in WRI’s Ross Center for Sustainable businesses, joins us to Discuss the potential of electrical bus Implementation.

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