“There Is Nothing Else To Talk About”

%22There Is Nothing Else To Talk About%22The Catalytic Journey of change
The years before
Had closed doors
From freedom and rights
We always had to fight
For our given soul
Change is what we are owed
Let’s pick up our signs for what is due
That means me, he, she and you
Ready or not here we come
Fighting for everyone
The longer we wait the longer they will escape
The change needed right now
We can make it happen some how
For those who can not pay their rent
In their pocket is just a few cents
High poverty will soon take over
Not the feeling of anger
The white man is not the blamer
It’s the greed of any banker

As a civilian I walked from Brooklyn-Buffalo
And back in 60 days with anxious adrellian flow
On foot and all alone with me, myself and I
Looking at the way things are now going makes me want to cry
It was The Road Less Traveled
Which can make anyone baffled
We have ignored our right to long
Being Mayor I can not continue to mourn
I am back to finish the fight of the people
Who want to be less brutal
To their ways of thinking
The crossroads of hope has no linking
To have a better way to live
No more greed as the motive
There is a war on poverty
Easily solved with simplicity
From the crisis of hunger
The jobless wonder
There is the homeless who endeavor
Growing because of unwanted debtors
Who raise housing and apartment costs
Because they are the boss
No insurance, people becoming sick
Being turned away real quick
Out of business and going out of business
Is a hurtful distress
Lost our lease sales on every block
To the consumer it is a total shock
There is a thing call social justice
Those in need of help without braveness
We need unity
In order to see
A serious change in mortgage fraud
Our future we must guard
There is an economic state of emergency
When we all should be free
From roll back prices
Not scavenging around like hungry mice
What is most needed is a rent freeze
To help with our pocket ease
The rent reduction

How about a freeze on college tuition
This gives all young adults permission
To have past costs and loans waived
A sure way to have their future paved
Hold off on water and property taxes

Mortgage tax
Makes for a great ax
And eliminate the Real Estate Ponzi
So we can get back to the we
Our children need a roof over their head
A place to rest their in their bed
Food on the table
So they are able
To have money in their wallet

The burden of paying medical bills
Is a heart wrecking deal
Young people across the world are speaking out
They are gaining notary clout
And being heard against democracy

Calling all college journalists
This is something you can not miss
Share your thoughts with pictures and videos
So that everyone can know
That I am that change you are looking for
So they can begin to come
There is no other who can give you more
I represent all across the State of New York
Because I have dug into it all with my fork
I am not Anti Semitic as they say
It is they who are at bay

This is change